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October 14, 2016 at 7:44 pm ·

Miracle Micah

Introducing Miracle Micah the new “Activity Assistant” at Our House Assisted Living of Orem in Orem Utah. 



What fabulous first day of work for Mr. Micah. He was given such a warm welcome by all of the residents and staff at Our House Assisted Living of Orem and he quickly moved into a comfortable routine of greeting visitors with a big doggie smile and a friendly wagging tail. The other “super” staff were amazed at the natural instinct he has to lay his head in the laps of his new resident friends and gently accept their affection. He and I are going to love it at Our House Assisted Living of Orem.


Micah loves to be with all the residents at Our House Assisted Living of Orem.  He even like to attend sacrament services with them.  Every person the walks through the doors at Our House Assisted Living of Orem “Miracle Micah” is there to greet and welcome them to Our Home.  He loves to play games, watch movies, go for walks and is ready to cheer everyone up.  He is such a blessing for us here at Our House Assisted Living of Orem.  He is such a wonderful friend and employee.   You can also follow Micah on Facebook at


You can watch the special that was done on Miracle Micah at the assisted living community that he worked at in Wisconsin.  You can come in anytime to see and meet Micah.  You will see what a wonderful addition he is to our community.


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