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October 24, 2016 at 8:37 pm ·

Home Cooking Evokes Memories

Home Cooking Evokes Memories 

Home Cooking Evokes Memories Home cooking evokes memories of special events and family meals. Today we enjoyed hearing some of the memories that our residents shared from their childhood and family life.  It is always such a pleasure to listen to our residents at Our House Assisted Living of Orem and their wonderful stories.  We can and need to continue to learn from their wonderful experiences and lessons that they have learned and grown from.   our-house-assisted-living-of-orem-cooking-class

We are very each day to be able to spend time in their presents.  We can become a better person and friend by listening to their counsel and life lessons.  It is a pleasure to serve the residents of Our House Assisted Living of Orem each and every day.


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